STP believes that building the Company’s reputation is important for sustainability; and that achieving sustainability does not only revolve around financial performances, but also involving contributions to the surrounding communities. The Company is commited to continuously grow and develop with the community by creating a harmonious relationship with its surrounding communities. For that reason, the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs were carried out based on our awareness that the Company’s existence and success as a leading integrated telecommunications network infrastructure company in Indonesia depends on the acceptance from surrounding communities.

The CSR programs that were carried were a reflection on the Company’s commitment towards CSR. The Company carried out initiatives as part of post-disaster relief in the wake of recent earthquakes and Tsunamis in several regions in Indonesia, such as Lombok, Palu, and Sunda Strait, in order to help basic community services and also improving and developing infrastructure. The initiatives carried out were as below:

  1. Constructing artesian well as well as clean water installation fittings to provide clean water daily to the affected community, replacing destroyed wells affected by the disaster.
  2. Providing shelter tents for temporary housing demands for the victims, as well as setting up temporary help centres.
  3. Supplying basic necessities and immediate needs to the victims, such as rice, light bites, blankets, toiletries, medicines and etc.
  4. Providing school stationeries and praying equipments, such as prayer beads, mats and clothes.

Through our CSR programs, we strive to create synergies among stakeholders and give contributions through various initiatives involving our employees that provide benefits to the social progress (people), economic growth (profit), and environmental sustainability (planet). In addition, the Company continuously makes a persuasive approach and e!ective two-way communications, and also develops successful CSR programs in order to foster harmonious relationships with the surrounding communities.

Going forward, the Company will continue to prioritize in implementing a sustainable business model that will add value to our shareholders as well as creating a conducive working environment for our employees and surrounding communities. The Company will continue to participate and contribute to initiatives that are beneficial and empowering to the communities while strengthening relationship with the community.


Help of assistance to victims of the Palu and Donggala disasters, Central Sulawesi

Help of assistance to victims of Lombok

Help of assistance to victims of Sunda Straits