Audit Committee is responsible to assist the Board of Commissioner through independent expertise based on professionalism.Audit Committee was established pursuant to written decision of the Board of Commissioners’ Circular Letter dated April 18, 2013, with the tenure of 1 (one) year. The composition of its members was updated with Board of Commissioners’ Circular Letter dated January 22, 2014.

Audit committee members are appointed by and responsible to the Board of Commissioners in accordance with the provisions contained in the Audit Committee Charter. Audit Committee members are independent, both in performing their duties and in reporting. It is stipulated in Article 3 of Audit Committee Charter which states that an independent party is a party outside the Company that does not have the financial, management, ownership of shares and/or family relationship with the Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors and/or controlling shareholders, or other relationships that could affect the ability to act independently.

Composition of Audit Committee

Composition of Audit Committee

Profiles of Audit Committee Members

Erry Firmansyah
Erry Firmansyah’s profile can be seen in page of Board of Commissioners profile.

Muhammad Senang Sembiring
Muhammad Senang Sembiring’s profile can be seen in page of Board of Commissioners profile.

Jennywati Soewito
Indonesian citizen, earned her Bachelor of Economics degree majoring in Accounting from Trisakti University. She has 20-year experience as a consultant and auditor in the public and private sectors. She has worked at PT Infinity Capital since 2008 and is experienced in handling a variety of large companies such as Barito Group, Tempo Group, Kalbe Group and Puspo Group. Previously she was a Non-Equity Partner with Ernst & Young Indonesia in 2002-2007 and worked at Arthur Andersen Indonesia in 1988-2002.

Dharmawandi Sutanto
Indonesian citizen, earned his Bachelor of Economics degree majoring in Accounting from Tarumanagara University (1992). He began his career as an auditor at Public Accounting Firm of Johan, Malonda & Partners, as Associate Manager at Public Accounting Firm of Prasetio Utomo & Co. (Arthur Andersen Indonesia), AVP Corporate Finance at PT Infinity Wahana, VP Corporate Finance at PT Asjaya Indosurya Securities, Associate Director at AA J Batavia, President Director at PT Kokoh Inti Arebama Tbk, Senior Manager Business Development at Omni Capital, and currently also serves as Director at PT Parani Artamandiri.

Audit Committee’s Duties

The following are duties carried out by the members of Audit Committee:

  1. Reviewing financial information to be released by the Company, such as financial statements, projections and other financial information.
  2. Reviewing the Company compliance to Capital Market regulations and other legislations related to the Company’s business activities.
  3. Reviewing audit activities that are performed by external and internal auditors team.
  4. Reporting to the Board of Commissioners, the risks faced by the Company, and applying risk management to be executed by the Board of Directors.
  5. Reviewing and Reporting to the Board of Commissioners, complaints related to the Company’s status as a public company.
  6. Maintaining the confidentiality of the Company’s documents, data and information.


Keputusan Dewan Komisaris – Perubahan Piagam Komite Audit

Audit Committee Charter